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Friday, June 05, 2020

09:00 AM  
FULL Strawberry MOON

Each month's moon was named by various Native American tribes to signify something going on in nature during that tie. This month, Strawberries (wild and cultured) ripen. Strawberries are one of the sacred plants to the Iroquois who will hold "feasts" to honor this plant. Though it takes many more wild berries than store bought to make a sizable helping, it is well worth the effort as ounce for ounce, all wild plants are more nutritious than their modern counterparts. Try some berries on your cereal,  crushed and steeped in ice water, to make jam--if you actually can get back to the house without eating them all. Look for them in open fields. The leaves are also valuable  dried for teas to be used for immune system building and reproductive health.


In some parts of the world, this is also known as the month of the HONEY moon? Sound familiar? Wonder why weddings are so popular in June? Bees swarm, set up new hives and nectar for honey making is abundant and honey symbolizes the sweetness and abundance of life- thereby making it a good wedding gift. In ancient Europe, newly married couples were given honey so their union would begin on a sweet and productive note.


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