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Cilantro/Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) HERB OF THE YEAR 2017

The International Herb Association has chosen Cilantro/Coriander as its Herb of the Year 2017.Are you confused? Aren't they two different herbs? They are two parts of the same plant--Cilantro is the leaves and Coriander is the seed!! There are two things most people know about this herb--it is in salsa...and lots of people cant stand it. Turns out, those who think cilantro smells and tastes like soap--have a genetic trait. I am one of those people.....and a very little cilantro goes a long way. Coriander, the seed, usually does not cause distaste and is used in a lot Indian cooking. Originateing in the Mediterranean region, this culinary herbs is added  for flavor, but also is a great digestive aid, lowers cholesterol, aids in anemia and offers a good amount of antioxidents. it is especially high in vits. A, C, K , Calcium. Magnesium and Iron. I find this plant difficult to grow in rainy climates--usually succumbing to fungus before going to seed and not surviving winters as parsley (cilantro's more loved cousin) will if continuously cut back before going to seed. Try it--you may not like it---but it is a versatile plant with intricate flavors depending on what part you eat.





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