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"Wholistic Healing for the Family ~ A Primer"
3d. Edition by Tina Finneyfrock, Master Herbalist



Navigating family life and the life cycle requires love, faith, patience and information. Information, both scientific and measurable, as well as knowledge garnered by instinct and natural laws is abundant. Synthesizing all of this is a challenge.

Wholistic Healing for the Family is a basic primer of practical information about taking care of your family using simple herbal remedies and healing techniques. It also provides theoretical explanations as to why we become ill and how best to regain and maintain health through all stages of life.

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Among the many joys of becoming a family are also the worries, concerns and confusions that descend upon us as we try to comfort a crying child or console an aging relative. Today, most people rely on the advice and medicines of allopathic professionals, but many have become frustrated when the practitioners seem uncaring or when the "cures" are harsh and often have undesirable side effects. An overreliance on the modern medical system has created a "symptom relief" form of healthcare which leaves us with little knowledge of true healing and even less of an effort in trying to achieve it.

Healing---fromt he Anglo-Saxon "haelon"---means "to make whole". Hopefully, in regaining health after an illness, we are better than before the illness, not the same and definitely not worse! In taking care of our families, we look for constant growth, betterment. Change, however, can cause chaos and illness. Striking a balance in our lives, creating a healthy environment and working with natural principles creates health on all levels. In the process we are elevated and feel more confidence in assessing family health, using appropriate remedies and in the very least lets us be equal partners in healing relationships with allopthic practitioners should the need arise.

Healting the whole family is a journey that leads us through many levels of health. The ongoing results are a deepening of family commitment, enjoyment and vibrancy.

For more ease in using wholistic therapies, it is necessary to have at least a cursory knowledge of some basic concepts. An understanding of them helps by providing a framework from which to plan for daily family needs and a means by which an objective assessment of problems can be made.

There seems to be a confusing array of rules, theories and concepts of natural health---perhaps almost as many as there are practitioners. However, a few concepts do stand out as being common sense, widely accepted and applicable to a wide variety of situations. Ultimately, this information can allow us to be the experts as far as our own familiy's health is concerned.

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