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Consultations are a way of giving more individualized and detailed information about a topic or concern than can be gathered from reading books or websites. It allows the client and herbalist to exchange ideas, share insights and gain a clearer understanding of the area of inquiry.  As these Consultations take place via phone, they will have obvious limitations and are not meant to replace health assessments from a medical professional. Depending upon the nature of your questions and concerns, I will ask for some information in advance in order to spend the Consult time more productively.

Any topic is fine for a Consultation--whether it is clarification of herbal use, instruction in any area of herb use, instruction in alternative healing methods or areas of Seasonal Living.

Consultations are available on a $1.00 per minute basis, with an initial Appointment fee of $10.00 paid in advance of the Consultation; which will be included in the overall fee if the consultation is longer than 10 minutes. This initial fee can be paid online via PayPal. An invoice for any time over 10 minutes will then be sent following the consultation via email.  I will ask for an email address at the start of the consultation. 

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Consultation Appointment Fee   $10.00


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