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Each month, explore a new herb, vegetable or weed. Every plant has a history, lore and magic associated with it, as well as the more practical information concerning their growing culture and various uses. There are many sources of all the nitty gritty details, so links will be provided to you for that information. So here,  I will give you my experiences with these plants, how I use them and a few recipes or formulas that I have used over the years

     My hope is that knowing plants in depth, will aid in understanding that they have their own personalities and characters-quite independent of if they are ever used by humans. But, since we do use plants , it is often with little respect. Learning the stories that are ages old and becoming aware of the fun and unusual uses of plants only improves our relationship to them, and in turn , enhances the healing they can provide, but ultimately, makes us realize why we must be good stewards and healing partners.

  Herb of the Month ~Asparagus ~
  GARLIC MUSTARD ~ Herb of the Month ~ March
  Cabbage ~ Herb of the Month February
  MYRRH ~ Herb of the Month ~ December
  PUMPKIN ~ Herb of the Month ~ November
  APPLE ~ Herb of the Month ~ October
  MULLEIN ~ Herb of the Month, September
  Tomato- Herb of the Month-August
  -SAGE-Herb of the Month, July


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