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Mountain Spring Herbals~ Tina Finneyfrock, Master Herbalist



How About:

~ A monthly tea delivered to your door for a year

~ A tea formulated by a practicing Herbalist

~ A tea from organically grown plants

~ A tea formulated to fit the seasons & the unique nuance of each month

~ a tea that can help reconnect you to the pleasure of taking a few moments every day, of reflection and calm.....with your hands wrapped around a warm, health filled cup

If all this sounds appealing, please join Mountain Spring Herbals new--Herbal Tea CSA.

Here at Mountain Spring Herbals, we have a nice climate  that provides burdock, hawthorn,  and dandelion, lemon balm, mints, nettles, all the culinary herbs, elderberries and flowers, roses, cedar, pine, lavender, chamomile, chicory,  calendula, scented geraniums, red clover, raspberry and strawberry leaves, a multitude of  plants, roots, barks--wild and cultivated.  Individually, some of these plants make fine simple teas, but the art is in the mixing of a few or several flavors and properties together into a tasty and healthful brew.  


How does It Work?

 A CSA(Community Supported Agriculture) is an increasingly popular format for consumers to contract with growers. The customer pays a set and fair fee (less than retail value)- up front, while the grower plants, tends, harvests and sells the bounty from their land. Usually, CSAs operate on a seasonal or year long contract. Fees are paid in advance to allow the grower to dedicate the needed time to shepherd crops successfully. But, also, customers paying in advance keep costs down for themselves and the grower.  If I know, ahead of time, how much I need to plant, harvest, how much packaging/labels to order, then my business is...more sustainable for me, the grower...more affordable for you!!


What Is Included?

Depending upon your option choice. Please see options below)


 ~ 3 oz. of an organic tea blend every month ( or--- a tonic tea once every 3 months, + two additional organic seasonal, herbal products, once every 3 months ~ an informational flyer with interesting seasonal or monthly tidbits and directions and ideas for using your teas (they don't always have to be just for drinking!!)


What Do I Do?


  1) Choose your preferred CSA option below

  2) Purchase your option on this website using PayPal (which does allow you to use your own credit card)

  3) Acknowledgement of your order will be sent

  4) Beginning in March 2015, the first shipments will be made

       Depending upon the option you choose, your shipments will be sent the second week of each month, or the second week of March, June, September & December

  5) Please send me a note if you are allergic to any particular plants. If one of them is in a formula--I CAN personalize and eliminate that ingredient at no extra cost.

  6) If you wish to discontinue the CSA program, you must send me your intentions to do so before the 6th shipment --for year long CSA; 2nd shipment for quarterly CSA. You will then still receive all shipments that are included in the non-refundable portion of your contract.  You are then entitled to a 50% refund only. Because I order and pay for packaging/labels a few months ahead for discount purposes, I can not offer a month to month refund policy. Sorry!

  7)Sign up SOON to hold your spot in the 2015 CSA program


Mountain Spring Herbals is offering 5 CSA purchasing options: 


*Those opting for the Tonic & Teas Plus & PLUS-PLUS CSA will receive their quarterly shipments at the same time as their monthly shipment.



Contact me for more information: tinfin@juno.com


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