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Mountain Spring Herbals Classes & Workshops > BACKYARD HERBALIST ~ Mini-Apprentice Program June 11th/July 9th/August 6th
BACKYARD HERBALIST ~ Mini-Apprentice Program                   June 11th/July 9th/August 6th

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BACKYARD HERBALIST ~ Mini-Apprentice Program
Saturdays: June 11th/July 9th/August 6th
10-4pm ~ $150 

Over the years, this has been a foundation course for those who want a solid primer in various facets of Herbalism. From here, other classes are taken for specific interest, or as in the case for many, it is a jumping off point to a year long, in depth, Apprenticeship Program.

Over a three month period, budding herbalists will have access to herb and vegetable gardens , as well as fields, stream and woods and experience the changes in plants and gardening culture during that time and to learn identification of common local plants, cultivated varieties and wild, how to work with them to make teas, salves, tonics, tinctures, body care and various other preparations, gardening, harvesting, storage, basic herbal first aid, family health, local natural history, philosophy of herbalism, being stewards of the land, using foods as medicines.....and so much more! Students will prepare their own products during classes and suggestions for projects to do during non-class time will be offered. During the three months, students will have access to consultation via phone or e-mail. Students completing this short course will be well on their way to better nutrition, personal and family health care and a stronger, deeper connection to the natural world.



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