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FOOLS PARADISE... herbal tea for April

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 Folks, this late spring has made the main ingredient-- Violet Leaves, very tardy in being harvestable. This tea is called "Fool's Paradise" --in April and early spring--we do all sorts of foolish things--have bigger ideas than our physical or monetary capabilities, flirt with the wrong sorts, wear shorts and tank tops on the first sunny day above 50...and then get real...ly bad colds......... This tea is meant to support you through the exciting stuff that is possible and keep you a bit grounded as well--to enjoy new possibilities, without taking that ill fated step off the cliff. Fools Paradise contains Violet Leaves (which have an affinity for the heart and makes tea a beautiful emerald green)---but no flowers his year---winter is lingering too long to harvest those..., Dandelion Lf.( to get your fluids in balance and add some nutrition), Willow Bark (to take the edge off some of those aches and pains from early gardening and other outdoor activities), Astragalus (to spiff up the immune system) and A bit of Nutmeg (for a bit of warming, grounding pizazz).
Since it is coming out late and Violets are in short supply, this tea is being sold in a 2 oz. bag rather than my typical 3 oz. teas....and the cost reduced, accordingly to $8.50 


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