January 11, 2012 @ 4:09 PM


Since my last blog on Tonics, some people decided to give it a try and now, several days later, I am getting some remarks about increased energy...and also inquiries as to why they are getting skin blemishes. Breakouts are never welcome, but they do tell us if something is going on related to diet or hormonal swings. In the case of drinking tonics, a sudden return of mild acne is a good sign that the tonic is doing what it is meant to do--allow the body to release toxins. This is similar to the effects of fasting--but I always prefer tonics to prolonged fasting because daily tonics help rebuild the body with good, easily assimilated nutrients. So, fear not, the outbreaks will not last long and can actually give you a good read on where the problem areas are. For instance, if the blemishes are primarily along the jaw line, some kidney stress is indicated (which is typical this time of year and does NOT usually mean kidney disease). For problems to express themselves via the skin is also a good sign that you are ABLE to relieve organ stress and not holding it in deep tissues.