July 25, 2013 @ 7:00 AM

 July 25 ~

There have been floods, 2 weeks of extreme heat, threats of blight and, thus, the weirdest gardening year I can remember. A few days ago, the weather pattern changed, putting us back on track for some sort of normalcy, but it remains to be seen how the gardens will produce when all is said and done. Prediction of what would do well or not used to be pretty straightforward, based on spring weather or particular pest problems, but all bets are off this summer. It seems it is going to be a day to day, take what you can get sort of season.

Many plants are late in maturing and many are early, but right now, tons of things are ready for harvest....herbs, weeds, berries, flowers, cones, mushrooms, veggies, grape leaves. If .........

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