January 3, 2012 @ 3:06 PM

       January is the quiet time of looking backwards and forward......to evaluate and make new plans, but doing so with as much dream time and relaxation as possible........ A hot cup of tea, a comfy chair in a quiet corner....curled up with your seed catalogs!        


 January 1 ~ As the new year begins, so does this new blog. Please follow me through the days and seasons as I share thought, recipes, quotes, practical gardening ideas, herbal insights and easy to use ideas for living fully with the cycle of the year........and share your thoughts as well!


January 2 ~ Herbal Classes On-line--that is what my web site says. It has taken me a much longer time than I thought to make that happen--but 2012 is the year!! Eventually, there will be a very wide variety of herb topics covered, so please be patient and let me know what sorts of classes you might find useful. In the meantime, enjoy the website!


January 3 ~ 2011 was a very disjointed and strange year for my family, so many of the things we have always done -we did not. Many herbs did not get used when needed and so, general health and wellbeing chaos ensued. While I am never that good at keeping New Year's resolutions, I am determined to return to some order in proactively staying well, eating better and not allowing my herb pantry to fall into disaray. So, on Jan. 1, I made up a big pot of winter tonic tea... and 2 days and 5-6 cups later, I am feeling much more energetic, in less pain from a twice sprained ankle...and less hungry. This is no surprise, as this is the purpose and general result of taking seasonal tonics. But, they only work if you actually drink them regularly. Herbs work best when used as foods and beverages, used everyday in one form or other.  I'll show you how.....