March 6, 2012 @ 9:49 AM

 It was in the single digits the last two nights, but tomorrow, it will be almost 60 and sunny. This spring is coming on 1 step backwards; 2 steps forward. In the last few weeks when we have had warmish, sunny days, my grandson and I have been walking around the yard and gardens, looking at and taking downold flower stalks-- the bones of last year's endeavor and to assess damage, what needs to be done, and potential new picnic spots (his priority!). We have also been able to get yard debris cleanup underway much earlier than usual. Winter damage causes twigs/branches of all sizes to fall and they have to be picked up before grass mowing time begins. I sort them by size and know that when the time comes, they will be used for trellises, pea fencing, plant supports, garden row markers and the remainder as kindling in the first bonfire. Waste not, want not! Checked trees  and cut off broken limbs that are still attached too.

The first thing I did was to put some 1 ft. length twigs into soil filled pots that will be waiting for my sweet pea seedling-which have to be kept separated and growing up or else they become a tangles mess. I also pulled out a lot of last year's spent wild grapevine and made decorative wreaths and "garden balls". It is way too early to put out my nice garden ornaments as they could be damaged by repeated freeze/thaw cycles, but these free, yet impermanent decorations have allowed my creative garden juices to get flowing and has given  the garden some structure so it seems a bit less chaotic and more inviting.

The first 3 days of March were always considered by farmers to be "lost days"--meaning that no gardening should be done, but yesterday, I got busy planting some quick greens (mache, spinach, lettuce, cress, radishes) in my greenhouse for some really early spring salads as the winter crops are getting pooped. As luck would have it, my Biodynamic calendar agreed that it was the perfect day to plants greens--though the radishes will have to fend for themselves!

But--I can't let tomorrow's warmth lure me prematurely. For now, I just have to nibble on the fresh greens nature is providing (and the ones in I am helping nature with in my greenhouse) and wait for the gardening season to reveal itself. How will I know? Read my next blog post!!