May 9, 2012 @ 9:08 AM


For those of us herbalists who open their properties for herb walks and classes, the pressure to have the gardens and grounds looking really nice is constant all summer. The older we get, the more the work seems daunting....but we love it and we get it done. For many years, after working really hard to make the gardens enjoyable and inviting for others, I have missed some of the priceless moments of Spring on my own property! Not this year. I decided to just take a few days of ignoring the large tasks to be done, wondered around and marveled at what new volunteer plants are here this season, took pictures, sat next to my quickly emerging black cohosh for a chat, picked knotweed to mix with my "on sale" strawberries and made a crumble (too lazy to make a pie), nibbled weeds, walked my labyrinth, mourned the loss of a good many lilac blooms (shame on all of you who reveled in that way too early warm spell that has now lead to a smaller apple crop and less lilacs!!!), put out my hummingbird feeders and sat on my porch reading gardening magazines--getting way more new ideas than I would ever have time to implement--and fixed some lemon balm tea.  I love sharing my gardens with others, but am glad I took some much needed time to enjoy it for myself...and since the roses aren't blooming yet, to smell my grape hyacinth.