January 27, 2013 @ 8:05 AM

New Year Resolutions for Herbalists


Follow me this month while I try to clear out my own chaos and get a few tips on how to get your herb cabinet and/or business back in order! January is a perfect time for reflection and planning, but also, we have time for getting things done since the rush of garden season is still a few months away, the snow keeps us at home a bit more....as does the promise of a warm house and hot cup of tea. Each day, I am going to tackle something that needs constant care or attention, but that is often left to become dysfunctional as the year goes on. Will this be the year, I actually keep on top of things? Who knows...but if not, I will repost next year!

January 27 ~


Change happens every day, but  admittedly, as I get older, it seems to happen at a faster pace. Change has never been my favorite thing...but life is change. My herbal practice has changed over the years--mostly as I tried certain things and improved or discarded them. Lots of the things I do the same--I even do differently. I teach the same method, but have had to pizzazz things up a bit because today's students are more knowledgeable.

As I have mentioned many times, herbalism is an art....so take the time to spiff up your website, teaching materials, projects. Art is free form and full of whimsy....it needs to be dynamic...so be willing to look at new research that either reinforces or challenges your long held views. Learn a new diagnostic tool or find new, trusted sources of information. Keep things moving!

I have had to adjust my herbal business to fit more family responsibilities and time constraints....not to mention...I am no longer the springiest of chickens!!! I used to absolutely disregard the importance of websites and on-line teaching, but have incorporated both, less so for the monetary end and more so due to the recognition that most people are not fortunate enough to have a local herbalist. As a teacher, primarily, I want to impart herb/plant/organics/seasonal living information as widely as possible....so here I am blogging and posting on FB.

The biggest changes have been forced upon me though, by the small, aches and energy changes of aging........and how climate change has affected my area. Change begets change!

Issues that were on the backburner have moved forward, so now I always give tips--and have a class about making gardening easier as you age, teaching Gardener's Yoga, and while my speacility used to be women and children, I now find more clients and students in my area are interested in menopausal and aging issues--as am I. 

I am not into all out change, however. I like slow change that incorporates new ideas and ways, but holds onto the best of the past. So while I will post on-line classes, they are laid out and written as if I were talking to the students who are in my gardens--keeping it personal. I can't fix an on-line student my herbal lunches, but each class comes with a menu and recipes for lunch/snacks/beverage specific to that class.

Sometimes change means that things "come round "again. YEARS ago, I started with teaching  simple classes every Saturday. Then, I branched out into lectures, Apprenticeships, selling products, writing......But, I can see, in the years ahead, I may return to he more simple approach. For now, I have learned to embrace change and see where it takes me.