January 23, 2013 @ 8:32 AM


New Year Resolutions for Herbalists


Follow me this month while I try to clear out my own chaos and get a few tips on how to get your herb cabinet and/or business back in order! January is a perfect time for reflection and planning, but also, we have time for getting things done since the rush of garden season is still a few months away, the snow keeps us at home a bit more....as does the promise of a warm house and hot cup of tea. Each day, I am going to tackle something that needs constant care or attention, but that is often left to become dysfunctional as the year goes on. Will this be the year, I actually keep on top of things? Who knows...but if not, I will repost next year!

January 23 ~

Make a Schedule

If you see clients, teach classes or craft for Farmer's Markets, there is paper work, and a loose schedule in place already. However, I always find myself scrambling at the last minute to finish a preparation I am almost out of, or get together supplies  needed for a demonstration, or to catch up on case notes, billing or inventories. Though some thrive in crisis mode, I am not one and many of my colleagues are not either!