January 31, 2013 @ 7:05 AM

New Year Resolutions for Herbalists


Follow me this month while I try to clear out my own chaos and get a few tips on how to get your herb cabinet and/or business back in order! January is a perfect time for reflection and planning, but also, we have time for getting things done since the rush of garden season is still a few months away, the snow keeps us at home a bit more....as does the promise of a warm house and hot cup of tea. Each day, I am going to tackle something that needs constant care or attention, but that is often left to become dysfunctional as the year goes on. Will this be the year, I actually keep on top of things? Who knows...but if not, I will repost next year!

January 31 ~

Moving Ahead

I have learned a lot this month, mostly because I stayed on task and kept my commitment to daily blogging. Concentrated thought is better for me than free flowing (like I always thought I learned more in short summer college courses than in semester long ones). So, as we step fully into 2013, my confidence in being able to follow my own resolutions is pretty high, but I hope it has also been helpful to many of you...or at least entertaining!

Tomorrow, I'll return to the original intent of my blogging--to give a peek into what is going on around the homestead and in my herbal practice--maybe not daily, but several times a week......and I promise more pictures this year!!

I would love to hear what your big projects  (classes, products, gardening, healing strategies, etc.) are for this year....and any Resolutions you might have made.