February 8, 2013 @ 8:20 AM

February 8 ~ 

We are in for a snow storm--so if life gives you too much snow...make Snow Ice Cream!! I loved it when I was little because it was quick--a spur of the moment thing, which made it even more special.

In reading over some recipes, they all seemed complicated--too modern--and with raw eggs!!!You need to choose a sweetener--it really doesn't matter. I grew up outside of Washington DC--so we had no maple syrup--but we did have King Syrup--which is classified as "Golden Syrup". Pretty yummy! But mostly, we just used sugar. I have lived in Central New York for over 30 years,  with maple syrup producers everywhere, so that is what I use.

Here are three easy recipe options depending upon the ingredients you may have on hand. Traditionally, a really big pan is set outside to collect the snow--but that is for folks who plan ahead. In any case, the first hour of snow is not really clean, it has carried with it all the pollution in the air ---so wait until hour 2-3 before setting out your pan or collecting snow for these recipes.

Recipe 1

Combine either: cream, half & half or whole milk, maple syrup and vanilla in a small bowl. slowly pour over snow in bowl while gently stirring, dish up and serve immediately. *You may have noticed I gave you no proportions of ingredients! It all depends on how much snow you have! It does not need to be exact, but there will always be more milk than sweetener and as much vanilla as you like...and you do not want slush, but for the snow to hold its shape a little.

Recipe 2

Heat--but do not quite boil, maple syrup, dish up snow quickly and then drizzle syrup in weird designs over your snow. The syrup will harden a bit, so it is like eating candy 

Recipe 3

If you do not have maple syrup, this is what I had growing up: Combine whole milk, cream or half & half, brown sugar and vanilla. Pour over bowl of snow.

After shoveling, eating a bowl of this still makes you appreciate snow!!