February 4, 2013 @ 9:45 AM

February 4 ~

March 20th may be the "official" first day of SPRING, but that is a man made date. We, however, respond to lengthening days/light.....so, in terms of what our bodies sense, it comes much earlier. I always drink a seasonal tonic, but start  3 weeks or so before the calendar date, to address our specific, seasonal needs.

Everybody has heard of "spring tonics". There are different formulas for different parts of the country, depending upon what plants are locally available. Here is mine for the Northeast:

Today, I am getting out my ingredients and hopefully, everything I need is in my cupboard--unlike last year where I found myself without any sassafras!!! As per my New Year Resolutions, inventory/reordering is coming along--but slowly.... but, there is NO substitute in my spring tonic for sassafrass. Aside from the good work it does on rejuvenating the sluggish liver, it simply makes you happy to drink it.

Seasonal tonics are to be taken regularly. Many people wonder if they can drink their tonic and still have their afternoon or morning "cup of tea". Too many boundries and rules!!!. Black teas are healthful too--and green and white and red......all herbal. It seems many believe that "tonics" have to taste bad...which is untrue. Mine never do. So, my morning or afternoon cup of tea, with a small piece of dark chocolate, or a rosemary pastry...or cinnamon whole wheat toast.....can BE my tonic tea. Mix it up a bit, maybe even drink both types of tea during a long, busy day. No need to differentiate between types of tea---herb teas can be healing and/or pleasant, black teas and their relatives can also be healing or relaxing. Drinking tea should be fun!!

To me, drinking tea, and setting apart a special "tea time" daily, offers us the opportunity to live very happily, in the moment.....to recoup, regroup, reflect on and plan for the rest of the day.

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