April 12, 2013 @ 11:19 AM

 April 12 ~

This time of year is full of grand, enthusiastic plans borne of a winter's rest period. Often, at least half of our plans are dashed due to  a variety of reasons. How can we improve the odds of success? Proper FORMULATION.

I would much rather plan than actually do. Some are great doers, but poor planners. Either way, not a good mix. Herbalists spend a lot of time formulating recipes for elixers, teas, tinctures, medicinal foods....and it takes a lot of concentrated work and realistic assessment...which often leads to some waste, but patience eventually wins out.

This past week the "spring" weather has been abysmal for any sort of garden work, so I burrowed in and decided to make some new herbal products...Gardener's Foot SoakHerbal baths, foot soaks for gardeners, room sprays, facial oils/cleansers/steams.....House smells great! My brain and olfactory nerves are a bit overloaded! But after days of mixing/matching herbs and scents, I am pleased with the results. Every formula has to accomplish several things....utility, aesthetics, aroma, consideration of synergy of the plant materials rather than an oppositional effect, and the final product has to be acceptable for a broad range of people...... If something looks and smells nice, the healing process begins before you even use it! So, to make a formula that will touch other's various senses, I have to pay attention to all of my own while working with these plants. Often, I will have a visceral positive or negative reaction and "know" it is right/wrong. Most other times, it is a delicate playing of not just ingredients...but subtle Facial Steamamounts of each. Concentration...Patience...Trusting Instincts.

No matter what you are "formulating", take the time to revel in the process. You will be rewarded  in so many ways.