April 28, 2013 @ 7:02 AM

April 28 ~  

My youngest daughter is getting married next Sunday. People think I am busy making herbal nosegays and centerpieces, deciding which herbs have special meanings for the bridal bouquet...well....you WOULD think an herbalist is doing all that...but would be wrong!! My daughter, who grew up with flower and herb gardens, is having NO FLOWERS or GREENERY AT ALL!!! She is more on the practical side and feels that "occasion" flowers are wasteful. I do see her point, but...a wedding with no flowers? An herbalist's daughter's wedding with no herbs???? Not to worry. Her herbal background is going to be represented quite well....in  less obvious, but more practical ways.

The chosen color scheme is ivory and sage green--which will show up in the sash of her dress and in the gift bags to guests and helpers. For her female friends and relatives helping with the wedding, she asked me to put together a gift bag of my herbal facial treatments, which include: Cleansing Grains with lavender buds, a Facial Steam with roses, calendula, elder flower, etc. and a Moisturizer with a variety of infused herbal oils.

She had a cocktail party several weeks ago so her friends could brainstorm  signature cocktails for her and her betrothed to serve at the wedding. Here is what they came up with:


1) When 2 become 1

            1-2 leaves muddled basil

            two splashes of Blackberry or blueberry juice (muddled or blended)

            1 shot vodka

            dash of lemon juice

            dash of sweetened lime juice

            club soda


2) Super Pimms Cup

            dash cucumber juice

            shot of pimms

            ginger ale

            dash of club soda


3) Revision 1

            2pt gin

            1 pt vodka

            ginger ale

            splash of cranberry juice

            dash of lemon juice

            lime slice

            cucumber slice


4) New Old Fashioned

            1 muddled orange slice

            several shakes of bitters

            teaspoon sugar

            1 big slug bourbon

            1 tablespoon water


Well, the basil,  bitters and the Pimms all scream HERBS! "Bitters"  are various combinations of digestive aid herbs that are often found in mixed drinks and used  after or before heavy meals. Pimms included bitters, but it appears to be a tightly held secret as to the actual herbs involved, though I believe borage and perhaps lemon balm are in there somewhere, as well as citrus. The origin and uses of Pimms are interesting:  http://recipewise.co.uk/pimms-cocktail-recipe 


As for the food.......How about Chedder Rosemary Gougeres w/Honey Touched Cream? Garam Marsala Tofu scramble w/Fennel & Cilantro? Potato & Pea Somosas w/Tamarind Chutney? Roasted Vegetable Empanadas w/Carmalized Onion Marmalade??   And the Wedding Cake? It will be  Lemon Basil...of course!!

Sprigs of Rosemary will be tucked in the food platters as garnish since it is a traditional wedding herb symbolizing Remembrance ( Always keep rosemary garnishes--take them home and root them in water, plant and grow your own plant!) 

Who needs an herbal bouquet and centerpieces that will just get tossed away and forgotten?

Nobody forgets good food and drink, though......especially where herbs are involved.