March 30, 2012 @ 4:15 PM


 This weekend holds the possibility of snow and while it is chilly today, it is sunny and beautiful. So, I took my shovel and clippers and went in search of dinner. I dug some parsnips that have been overwintering in the garden and snipped garlic mustard, dock leaves, dandelion, chickweed, chives, nettles and violet leaves. The nettles will be steamed and added to mashed potatoes and the parsnips will be roasted, but everything else...chopped and served in salad and on top of the potatoes.


Once dinner was gathered, it was time to just enjoy the day, so I walked my labyrinth (now, much in need of a spring manicure) and took a few pics of what came up new since a few days ago. I always look forward to the bloodroot blooms--they don't last long!


  "Earth laughs in flowers"

   ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson