March 20, 2012 @ 8:23 PM


This is the first day of Spring...and it is the first, first day of spring I can remember since moving to CNY 31 years ago, that it was actually nice out. Usually, this is a cold rainy day that made me happy to know warmth was coming...but that I had a few weeks left of afternoon tea by the woodstove. So I took a walk outside with my grandson, we had a picnic, looked at newly opened flowers, listened for bird songs--I even did a little weeding. But, deep down, I know this revelry will be short lived and we have several hard frosts--if not a snow or two. And, I also know this melancholy is typical spring "fever" fomented by our bodies adjusting to the season's change, which I am aiding and abetting with a daily spring tonic. Spring, unlike other seasonal changes is more jarring to our systems  and more greatly anticipated. It causes a great deal of recklessness physically, emotionally and mentally...and spiritually. But, if we are wise enough not to resist the slowing effects of Spring Fever (flu, irritability, digestive ills...), we can take a few extra weeks to reflect on our past and take those lessons with us as we go rushing head and feet first into the garden or out to play in the due time.