March 10, 2012 @ 1:35 PM


   I had the great fortune to grow up in my grandparent's home--were it not for that, I may never have become an Herbalist, but, for sure, would not have all the warm memories of being cared for when I was ill in such special ways. My fondest memories are of Grandma scooping out apple and feeding it to me  (instinctive understanding of the pectin in the apple skin as a controller of diarrhea) and of eating burnt toast with butter and a cup of warm tea. Burnt toast?!?!?!EWWWWWW--that is what my 6 year old grandson said when I suggested it to him this morning. After being up all night, but still feeling queazy, I told him it may sound yucky, but was really yummy. He looked at me funny, but agreed to try it and within seconds....gave me the "thumbs up"--"This is good grandma!" So the cycle repeats it should.

Why burnt toast? The burning creates charcoal--which will neutralize germs/bacteria. Some people keep charcoal tablets in the medicine cabinet for over eating/stomach upset and the flu--but good luck getting a little kid to chew that----and burnt toast tastes wonderful. It does when you are sick, anyway, but I have never tried it when I was well--until today...and I deem it... delicious! The actual CARING for someone when they are ill--is as important as giving specific remedies, so each of my daughters had a special "sick cup" (which was a nice heavy china cup with lid and a Sleepy Time Bear logo from a  Celestial Seasonings promotion over 25 years ago!)--which my grandson now uses, filled with his choice of tea and honey. Today he chose a combo of chamomile and mint----which is perfect for the flu.  He is learning the art of herbalism already!