March 9, 2012 @ 11:30 AM

 My cat, Dora, who was hit by a car and has had 2 surgeries, is now back at home. Since she fractured one leg nad threw her other hip out of joint, I am making some tea to add to her food. So far, she likes it! A few blog posts ago, I gave a general recipe for my Spring Tonic, however, when I make it for specific people, I usually add a few things that speak to their particular health issues. So, when I made our family tonic a few weeks a go, I added some horsetail, oats, comfrey and raspberry, as gentle aids in our effort to battle back against the creeping up of rheumatic and muscle strength issues that come with getting older. Obviously, as luck would have it--these same herbs are just what my kitty needs right now.

I had a client a few months ago who, while we were going over herbs for her neurotic/anxious dog, mentioned timidly, that she felt she could benefit from the same herbs, as she had similar emotional issues. I realized that it was not the first time that I had noticed pets and their people benefiting from the same formula. We tend to have a instinctual relationship with our surroundings, so why not also, our close friends from the animal kingdom?