June 27, 2012 @ 9:02 AM

   I have an over full plate this summer....too much going on to get into any big gardening or herbal projects, but it hasn't stopped me from doing the  little things that keep herbs in the forefront. We are finding lots to eat out of the garden already......all manner of salad greens and dark green leafies, broccoli, parsnips, strawberries (wild and tame). Until the beans come in to provide some proteins, I still have to supplement....but I am putting rose petals in our milk and butter (rose petal butter tastes glorious on warm biscuits!). *There are some great rose petal recipes in this month's ESSENTIAL HERBAL magazine.  I add lemon balm and berries to cottage cheese or plain yogurt or smoothies and serve cheese with grilled breads slathered with oils and herbs.......and all the savory herbs are dumped into egg dishes. While weeding the garden--actually, thinning out the overplanted carrots and beets, I get tons of micro greens--which are more nutrient rich per oz. than their adult counterparts.  On some of these humid days we have had, the house smells a bit musty, but nothing fixes that like a fresh harvested bundle of herbs hanging in each room. My garden is smaller this year, but I  have never been one to experiment too much with new veggies and herbs--especially after so many failures in the past due to our short, cooler summers---and my particular, even cooler, microclimate. But even if I were a garden pioneer, I would never bother with really finicky and labor intensive crops like celery. Instead, I grow the very majestic and sef-sufficient Lovage--same flavor...no hassles!!! Cream of Lovage soup is divine! Taking it easy, but still my days are filled with all that the gardens have to offer!