June 19, 2012 @ 10:51 AM

  This may be my favorite holiday...sweet foods, a bonfire, harvesting herbs...and faeries!!! Who could ask for more? I have  always celebrated with the  faeries--whether their were kids in my house or not. My grandson isn't sure he really believes in them, but is willing to entertain the thought and has fun setting up the space  in his garden where they may have their Midsummer's Eve  party.  After he gets home from school today, we will prepare some fruits, cookies, honey and raisins, collect wild rose and peony petals and scatter them all over the walkway of his garden.  Then, we'll pick St. John's wort (a traditional Midsummer plant) and other favorites like Mullein, Lady's Mantle, Mallow, Violets----and Faerie favorites like Thyme, Foxglove and Vervain....making little arrangements and a bundle to add to tonight's bonfire. Every year at Yule, I make a Solstice Face out of gingerbread and display it in the house, waiting for Midsummer so that too can be added to the fire. Then....we will wait for the fireflies to come out  (who, I have been told, offer transport to the faeries).

This morning, though, I will mix a big batch of my Summer Tonic and have my first cup while sitting on the porch, knowing that the  the gardens are planted and I can take today to celebrate the beginning of this wonderful season.