February 14, 2013 @ 6:24 PM

 February 14 ~

So much for romance--this day was way too busy. But for dinner, we made time for heart pancakes and eggs and the rest of yesterday's Rosemary biscuits. For years, I have been using cookie cutters  of different shapes to make designs in pancakes and soups....yes, soups. Whichever you make, put the cookie cutter in the middle of the bowl (for soup) or griddle for pancakes and pour the soup or batter around the cutter. Save a little soup or batter and add to it a contrasting color (like blueberry, beet juice...or blend up a colored sweet peppers or strawberries). Pour this contrasting batter into the middle of the cutter---then...lift it straight up--quickly. The shape will maintain itself, though you need to serve fairly quickly, except for  pancakes, where the shape is set once cooked. You can also use a thick tomato soup and put yogurt or sour cream in the cutter.

My grandson had an idea to leave the middle of his pancake empty and to put jelly in the heart shape left by the cutter. From the mouths....and INTO the mouths of babes!