March 9, 2013 @ 8:07 PM

March 9 ~ 

I get this question all the time. The short answer is -YES...The long answer is that you can...but is it necessary? Or, my annoying response of "Yes...but....."

Spring Tonics for example, are only used in the spring. However, if you have an ongoing health issue (chronic disease, unavoidable stressors, genetic predisposition...), you  may need a tonic that specifically addresses those needs over a long period of time--or maybe, indefinitely. Tonics, by nature should be nutritious as well as medicinal, but those taken over a long course, should be mostly nutritive. So, you can drink a spring tonic (or a winter/fall or summer tonic) along with another tonic--but not all on the same day. You can mix it up and alternate daily or every two days. This allows the body to function better by not building a tolerance and able to simply make better use of the herbs.

I have been making up some Spring tonics for folks and some have needed specialized formulas for Immunity (especially with the disease laden winter we have had here in the NE) and someone needed help with Arthritis (RA). I made up this batch for RA. It includes Nettles, Mint, Turmeric, Red Clover, Oatstraw, St. John's Wort, Devil's Claw, Elderberries Chaga, Ginger root, astragalus, Yucca and Tulsi--and a few other things. Note the colors of the herbs--they reflect those of the systems that need attention--bones/tendon/muscle/blood/liver....I wanted this formula to include some Immune builders that are more nutritious/milder, some pain relievers, strengtheners and blood cleansers and make it taste good! After a month or so, it will be assessed for effectiveness and tweaked--to change a few herbs--to keep the body alert.

If you do not have any outstanding health problems, then be grateful!!!... Just enjoy the Seasonal tonic and let it work it's magic.