March 29, 2013 @ 7:39 PM

 March 29 ~

Since I did not buy regular egg dye this year, we went au natural'. Actually, knowing myself...I deliberately did not buy the commercial dye, because I knew I would give in to laziness, so.............
My grandson, Eli and I took 3 hours instead of the typical 1/2 hour to dye these eggs using herbs. The process is the same, but the eggs have to sit for up to 3 hours instead of 5 mins.  Eli went to watch his favorite show-- Spongebob Squarepants and during each commercial, he went to check on and turn the eggs in their dye baths to get even coloring.
We used Nettles (green), Bluebrries-crushed (blue), Turmeric (yellow), Beet Root (pink) and Alkanet (redish brown). *For more natural, dye color ideas, check out my Facebook page

I was pleased with all the results except for the alkanet. That is the most  BEAUTIFUL red in its raw state, but very expensive. It's dye color ends up being similar to what you could get from coffee or tea--so I say, save the Alkanet for soaps, yarn and lip balms.

Happy Easter and Passover (Eggs are a star attraction in both holidays!)