March 30, 2013 @ 3:13 PM

 March 30 ~

It is often hard to tell when Spring is really here in the Northeast, but there gets to be a certain point where there is a steady march forward toward the warmth and light, instead of the snow and 10 degree days followed by a sunny day in the 50's. Having said that, it is beautiful today, but calling for rain and a bit of snow over the next few to keep myself from getting too anxious, a Spring walk was in order.

My grandson and I went out for the second day in a row, but today, was a more serious exploration of seasonal changes. We looked at swelling lilac buds, an almost open patch of crocus, our bees out furiously looking for some blossoms--with little reward. There are patchesGarlic Mustard of garlic mustard and teasel, Teasellots of bird song, snowdrops in full bloom, garlic up and coming........the gardens look so barren, but also, so full of potential.








No matter what the weather throws at us the next several weeks though, I KNOW spring is here because in between marveling at the daffodil tops and being dismayed at the amount of pruning I see needs doing.....I spent time pumping up basketballs and bike tires!