March 20, 2013 @ 8:23 AM

 March 20 ~

"O Spring-time sweet! The whole earth smiles, thy coming to greet"

                   ~ James Freeman Clarke ~ 1850


It is snowy today here in Central New wait!! The sun is out!! is sunny AND snowing!!! Regardless, Spring is here--the calendar says so, my body is telling me so and snow or not, nature is telling me so in many ways. The quality and amount of daily light is very different, many plants are peeking out, my cats are acting absolutely crazy and the sap is running. Still, spring is not here full force--this is still the gentle, transitional stage of this season. Nature is patient and these days of her undecidedness between sun and snow, are asking US to be patient as well.

The past few snows have been really beautiful and the really cold nights have led to the best maple sap run in several years. I am hoping the extra cold will also help control the upswing in the pest population gardeners have been experiencing and I already know it will not be necessary to  water my gardens constantly early on in the season. Nor will I have to start mowing grass in mid April like the last few years. This has been a perfect Spring so far...not too abrupt...inviting us a little at a time...such a tease!

So, be patient. Trade off a really warm early spring day for a lush, less fuss, productive garden later in the season. Enjoy the flowers blooming in turn--instead of all at once.  Just as we don't hibernate--we still are active during the lull of winter, we should also take time out from the activity of Spring and summer to relax and enjoy....slow down!! Instead of being anxious for Spring to "hurry up, already", take this snowy day to listen for returning bird song or finish up the inside work of spring cleaning. Enjoy Spring for what it is--be flexible...hike one day, snowshoe and sled the next! How wonderful a gift is that?!?! Revel in it, because  we have  a way to go the old saying goes......"Don't say Spring has come until you can put your foot on nine daisies".